The Prescription | Myke Arogula | The Rock Place

Hear a powerful message by Lead Pastor,
Pastor Myke Arogula

Matthew 7:7(KJV)

JOHN 8:3-6(KJV)
March 31, 2024

The Good Life Series: Living First Class- The Eagle vs. The Crow

Hear a powerful message, reminding us to soar like an eagle in spite of trials, storms, and crows! Message by Lead Pastor, Pastor Myke Arogula .
Nov 12, 2023

Divine Principles for Financial Increase

Hear a powerful word from Guest Preacher, Pastor Dele Bolumole on how to attain what God has for Believers. How to access and benefit from what God wants for us. Psalm 105:37, Genesis 13:2 , Genesis 24:34-5
September 10, 2023


Hear a powerful word about being fearless by Lead Pastor, Pastor Myke Arogula .
Feb 22, 2023

How to handle fear

Hear a powerful word on how to overcome fear.
Pastor Myke Arogula .
Jan 22, 2023

Principles OF The Doctrines Of Christ |Part 2|

This Sunday's message is a continuation from last Sunday's message on the Principles of the Doctrines of Christ.
Pastor Myke Arogula .
Sept 11, 2022

Put On The Full Armor Of God

Pastor Mike Ogbewele continues on the series Be Strong in the Lord . One of the ways to be Strong in the Lord is to put on the Full Armor of God. Ephesians 6 : 1-24
Aug 21, 2022


Pastor Mike Ogbewele talks on how to be Strong in the Lord. Through Prayer, Evangelism, The Word of the God, and Knowledge. Matthew 24: 1-51
Aug 14, 2022

Kingdom Series | Seek the Kingdom

Are you willing to follow Christ? Can you trust Him enough?
Pastor Myke Arogula this Sunday talks about following God.
Matthew 6:33
April 10, 2022